Cascade Dishwasher Detergent – What You Need To Know

Cascade Dishwasher Detergent Problems and Complaints

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Cascade Dishwasher Detergent – What You Need To Know

By Dan Tardio

Clean dishes are about more than just the dishwasher. It’s about the detergent too! And with so many on the market we decided to tell you about our favorite – Cascade Dishwasher Detergent – here’s what you need to know.

Cascade two in one has been a real hit and I think it goes beyond the great job it does. When you open the package you see these wonderful little bright blue and spring green bubble. They are rather refreshing on their own.

The tablets are rather intriguing to look at. The plastic casing will dissolve with the water and inside the pouch is Dawn dishwashing liquid and Cascade dishwashing powder. That’s it. And just in case you might forget whose product you have in bold red letters on the bottom you’ll discover the word Cascade.

There are actually two varieties that you can choose from. The Original blue Dawn or the new Citrus Breeze scented orange Dawn. What will you do with two choices?

Now I love Dawn as a dishwashing detergent so the logical deduction would be that I would like the Cascade dishwasher version. And of course I was right.

The packaging that holds the pouches is easy to open. Use your scissors, cut the top, and then it reseals with a zip lock style top. In fact Cascade has gone as far as including a diagram of a pair of scissors at the top. The reseal holds well and since the pouches are water soluble that’s important!

It’s a good idea to make sure your hands are dry before grabbing the pouches since they could become squishy and start to dissolve in your hands.

They are a breeze to use. No unwrapping, no pouring, no puncturing. Just take the pouch out of the bag, pop it into the dishwasher’s soap dispenser, close the door and start the dishwasher. That’s it – how simple is that? No fuss no muss!

Both of the scents that are available are nice but if you don’t like fragrance or are sensitive to it stick with the original blue. No matter which you choose the strong smell of the dishwasher soap can still be smelled.

Now let’s talk about performance. On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give this product a 10. It works well, cuts grease, no streaks, no spots, and no fogging. The Action Pac works great! There’s no reason to rinse the dishes. It cuts through grease without hesitation. And it’s easy and convenient to use.

As with any of these cleaners it comes with a warning not to get it on you skin or in your eyes and to keep it away from children. It also lists the first aid treatments clearly on the packaging.

You can buy a pack of 20 pouches for around $4.00 so that works out to about 20 cents a cleaning. Shop on line and you can even save more. I think It’s a great buy and with all that cleaning power how can you go wrong?

Dan is a part-time appliances repairman and with his dishwasher website at, he gives reviews of both commercial and residential models and states common problems that he encounters with each one, with solutions! To learn more visit the dishwasher reviews website.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    I too am so tired of not-clean-looking dishes. I think the coffee cup stains are because the dishes have a film on them that holds the stain, which is why it can be removed with a Magic Eraser. Has anyone tried adding a pinch of TSP to add the phosphate back into the detergent? I’m thinking of doing that.

  2. Stefan Hodgden says:

    Same problem. I used to use the Finish pucks and then got the new Cascade. Dishes are now covered with white film. The Lemi-shine worked for a week but the caked film on the bottom of my dishwasher has clogged my jets. I tried clr to rid the sandpaper gritted surface but nothing works. I suppose I’ll have to buy a new dishwasher and never use Cascade again,

    I don’t anticipate seeing a check in the mail for my replacement washer reimbursement.

  3. I used the Lemi-Shine product that is available at most grocery stores. I followed the directions that were on the back and I was pleasantly surprised after running a cycle with no dishes in the washer, then running a load of dishes and utensils I was getting ready to soak
    in vinager water to try and get the calcium off before I washed them. I decided not to do the soak trick and put the dishes in the washer with the Lemi-Shine in the wash side and the detergent (Cascade) in the pre-wash side (back of the door). I was skepticle that it would work on the first try, but when I opened the door after the cycle had finshed, the dishes, glasses, utensils all looked like new. I ran aload of pots and pans, black utensils, etc. and they
    came out sparkling just like the dishes. The inside of my dishwasher(stainless steel) looks new also. I’ve e-mailed many of my friends about this product and told them that I was sold on it. Some have been using it for a year or two with the same results. Give it a try and I think you will be well pleased with the results.

  4. I’m having two problems:
    First if I don’t wash my plastic/Glad containers before putting them in the dishwasher a white powder attaches to the food particles and eventually eats a hole in the container.
    Second of late I have brown spots appearing on the flatware and now the flatware is beginning to have a gummy film coating.
    Anybody have a clue as to what is happening?

  5. Like everyone else I am so glad I happened upon all the complaints, at least I know who to blame for ruining my dishes. Now, can we get them to financially reimburse all of us out there who have had the same problem? Probably not. I am VERY disappointed (not the word I wanted to use but…) with Cascade, mad because I don’t have time or money to fix the problem, and very sympathetic with all of the other complaints that have been sent about Cascade. What is the criteria for sending something to the Better Business Bureau? Might have to look into that. I also can’t believe this has been going on for 2 YEARS!!! and the stuff is still wreaking havoc in kitchens across America. I WILL be contacting the company directly.

  6. Mary Anne says:

    Yes! How embarassing! No longer able to serve a dinner or drinks to company at holidays or football weekends, sheepishly trying to hand scrub glass dishes ,glassware, silverware and serving dishes did not get this ghostly grey ghastly mess out. NOW WHAT? How much more do I waste in money I have bought 3 different types of Cascade products already. Washed,rinsed, dried by hand. I suppose we are ingesting these as well. DOES CLR do the job and how much of this chemical do we use?

  7. We had the same problem growing up in Indiana and used little liquid dish detergent rather than buy Cascade again. We moved in 1957 to Illinois and if someone forgot it was immediately apparent with white film on everything and that person had to scrub everything by hand. My husband, after 40 yrs, forgot, tho I said anything but Cascade, and bought Cascade. Everything including the modern dishwasher is ruined with the white film that seems worse now as I can’t get it off. How can they not know of this problem after so long, and who would ever buy it again.

    I emailed them about the problem and got a form letter reply that just said hope you like our new website, here’s how to log into your account, check out links below for coupons then it said….. “I hope this helps. If you have additional questions, please email us again. We’ll happily reply as soon as possible!” They are delusional, did not read my email as not a word about the problem, why not reply this time instead of having to email again! They didn’t reply to second email.

  8. I have the answer for you all. LemiShine. Add a little bit under your detergent tab and your dishes come out squeaky clean and the glasses and silverware shine again and my stainless steel insides of my dishwasher gleam. This is the first time I have smiled at my dishwasher in several years.

  9. CitriClean works better than other solutions…’s make from dehydrated orange peels! See full info at

  10. Perhaps the culprit is the “disappearing” plastic. Which has now disappeared onto you glasses that you drink from, the plates that you eat off of, and the utensils that you put in your mouth. Just sayinn!

  11. Martha Miller says:

    The cascade plus dawn does not get dishes clean. I can use Dawn at the sink. I don’t want it in my dishwasher unless it’s an improvement. It is NOT. At first I was sure it was the dishwasher, just to make sure I went to the store looking for the Old Cascade Liquid with no Dawn and it was no longer on the shelf. Tried a generic, and it worked. Not as well as Cascade before Dawn.

  12. I sent my husband for dishwashing pockets and he brought home Cascade with Gain.
    Do not by this product!!!!!!!
    It was $9 and I had to throw them away, I washed my dishes in my brand new hi efficient Kenmore dishwasher and could not believe how horrible everything tasted.
    It literally made everything taste like my dishes were washed in the clothes washing machine and never rinsed.
    I have had to wash everything 3 times with the temp on high on the special 1 hour wash, very time consuming and expensive and I work full time.
    My kids refused to use our dishes and I had to go purchase paper plates and cups.
    So if everyone can taste the soap how can that be good for us health wise?
    Cascade take this crap off the market…….

  13. Hello… My cascade pods are not dissolving in my dishwasher, and I have to rewash again…. Any suggestions??

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