Cascade Pods Not Dissolving

Is anyone having problems with Cascade pod dishwasher detergent (Action Pacs) not dissolving during a load of dishes? Is this normal? If you buy a huge tub of them at the member stores (Costco, Sam’s) and they don’t work, what do you do?

Cascade Dishwasher Detergent Sucks

People are having problems with Cascade detergent in their dishwashers. Dishes are getting ruined and there are even some people who have had to replace their dishwashers because of the detergent.

Cascade Coupon

Many of us use Cascade products everyday at home. The cost of these products can really add up if you do not have the right type of coupons. You can find Cascade coupons online for any of the products, whether it is the liquid dishwasher detergent or some of the other type of dishwasher detergent.